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What does your internal language sound like

You win or you lose not typically on the field of play, but you win or lose in your mind. Although there is a result to your action, the telling factor contributing to the result is how are you speaking to yourself. Positive self talk is something that must be intentional and continuous.

Our minds are always processing things throughout the day. So as you continue to have data points coming your way, it is vital that you have a plan on how to speak to your circumstances. So I’ll make this quick and easy. Focus on the elements of your situation that you can positively effect.

Don’t dwell on things beyond your control or even the elements that bring you down. Although you should be aware of all elements of your situation, it is important after you acknowledge the adverse elements to then refocus on what you are able to do to improve the picture.

Start each day off with positive affirmations that show that you are ready to positively engage the elements that will present themselves to you. When you have a negative thought, counter act it with a positive one and cast out the negative energy.

In time you will find your internal language one that will keep you striding ahead in all that you do. So never forget to find the light, bright, and positive side of all that you reflect on before you move out.

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