PTSD Prevention and Treatment Services

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is very common, and yet very misunderstood by many.  With many triggering events such as warfare, covid, strained relations, stressed economic circumstances, and many others, PTSD has become more widespread.  Our program defines the nature of a crisis that leads to negative responses.  It clarifies what is and isn’t PTSD.  The focus of this program is to equip each person to avoid PTSD, and in the event they experience an episode to treat/eliminate negative responses from trauma.


Additionally, our training focuses on interpersonal/intrapersonal behaviors that solidify helpful coping skills.  These skills will be reinforced with reality-based training designed to normalize reactions to traumatic exposure.  Understanding individual de-escalation methods coupled with physiology techniques designed to create inner harmony regardless on the environment will be emphasized.  These platforms have been highly received by the military/law enforcement/first responders.


This program also is designed to address ongoing fears that can result from trauma.  It also incorporates elements of resilience training to focused on confronting issues of avoidance, desensitized mindsets, and other concepts associated with being exposed to significant trauma.  In the end each participant will have an enhanced view of themselves, their circumstances, and resolving lingering aspects that previously led to depression.  One of the greatest aspects of this program is it cultivates a peer to peer accountability and support.  We are your PTSD and crisis management experts.

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