Resilience Training Program 2023 with Coach Anthony Brinkley

Resilience Training
Resilience Training
Resilience Training
Resilience Training

Resilience training program for 2023 courses can be exported to your location in the United States or around the globe. Based in Florida, our resilience training for business can be adapted to fix any scenario including suicide prevention, overcoming depression, as well as enhancing personal and professional relationship. Using our resilience training course, your workforce will develop inner strengths and produce greater results. We Offer Resiliency Training for Military Personnel, Resiliency Training for Police Officers, Resiliency Training for Police Personnel, Resiliency Training for Healthcare Personnel, Resiliency Training for Doctors and Resiliency Training for Civilians.

Experts in PTSD Prevention And Treatment

Resilience Training

List of Resiliency Training Courses and Programs

  • Resiliency Training for Military Personnel
  • Resiliency Training for Police Officers
  • Resiliency Training for Police Personnel
  • Resiliency Training for Healthcare Personnel
  • Resiliency Training for Doctors
  • Resiliency Training for Civilians

We have found that connecting people with their purpose will override any predicament they will face in life. For example: “If all you see is a predicament, then it is easy to give up”. Purpose pushes you beyond your predicament.

Our testimonies consistently state that our participants leave with a renewed sense of purpose, passion and persistence in their personal and professional lives. We would like to assist you with your resilience training. Call us today at 1-813-892-8849 to learn more about Brink’s Resilienc

Resilience Training

Why Anthony Brinkley for Resilience Training Coach?

Our resilience training goes way beyond the typical informational training model. Our training program is a client based platform that renders dynamic results.

Ask yourself a question. “Are your people being the best version of themselves? ” Our team has developed award winning platforms. Here are just a few:

  • 2017 Air Education and Training Command – best practice program (How To Lead And Win At Life)
  • 2018 Top presenter for NFL Player Association Resilience Training
  • 2019 Rated #1 of 55 – Top Rated Training Module at United States Air Force 1st Sergeants Academy.


Resilience Training

Developing Resilience & Self-Confidence with Anthony Brinkley & Simerjeet Singh

On The Brinks – Resilience Training Program 2023 / Resilience Training for Business Certifications:

Hear It For Yourself

I often get asked the question, what is resilience training and when did it get started?  Well the first part of the question is that resilience training is designed to help individuals and groups overcome challenges by building on their cognitive behavioral elements.  Your mindset and how you process information will largely determine the direction that your life will take.  Yet, even though resilience training is starting to become more and more embedded in many organizations, most people are still not sure what it is or the benefits associated with having a robust resilience training platform.

Resilience has been a topic of psychological study since the early 1970s.  Even then there was a focus on helping people develop the ability to overcome challenges that will invariably come their way in life.  In 1990 the University of Pennsylvania developed the Penn Resilience Program utilizing principles of cognitive behavioral therapy to help impart depression prevention skills and resilience to children and adolescents.  Targeting these young people can be exceptionally dynamic when understanding at these critical junctures or life people develop their orientation to the world they live in.

The Penn Resilience Program was shown to be effective in regards to treatment and the prevention of negative mental and emotional elements such as anxiety, depression, and adjustment issues.  In 2009 the U.S. Army developed the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program and adapted a large portion of the Penn Resilience Program platform into their new resilience initiatives.  Since then the armed forces have been looking to incorporate resilience into existing training curriculum.  Yet, there are still many people that don’t truly understand the positive aspects of resilience training.

I submit to you that cultivating a resilient mindset is one of the most significant things anyone can do to ensure a great quality of life.  There are no paths in life that will not encounter some form of personal or organizational turbulence.  Resilience training will be the domain where skills are taught and incorporated into each person’s life.  The following captures some of the things our resilience training will provide.

  •   A better understanding of personal defaults in life – how you see the world.  This is based on experiences received as an adolescent.
  •   Developing tools to identify elements that contribute to navigating through challenges.
  •   Identifying and eliminating negative mindsets and behaviors that can present themselves in stressful situations.
  •   Raising the level of personal accountability in regards to daily activities that lead to building a more resilient person.
  •   Cultivating principles that will to a more assertive and proactive lifestyle in regard to personal and professional goal accomplishment.
  •   Precise and dynamic goal setting that will lead to self actualization in all areas of life.
Resilience Training

Is there a difference between resilience training and motivational speaking?

Often I’ve seen resilience training under the guise of motivational speaking.  Meaning, someone will stand before a group of people and pass off inspirational words; often times the people in the room would respond in a positive way.  Yet, the feelings would soon subside once the people left the room.  This can be even more devastating because the people can have deeper lows once the emotion of the moment has passed.  I’m not knocking motivational speakers, but when it comes to developing a strong personal resilience platform, its vital that tools accompany the words that are being conveyed.  With many motivational speaking scenarios associated with resilience, the results are short lived.

On the other hand true resilience training starts with an understanding of each person in the room.  So we incorporate teaching modules that cause you to reflect on your personal defaults in life.  Then the reflection leads to introspection; this will cause to each person to assess if their responses to their life situations are valuable or detrimental.   This is why our training will cause immediate and lasting results.  Your time is your most precious resource and we work hard to ensure that you are equipped beyond a good feeling.

True resilience training is about understanding who you are, understanding the environment you are in, and leaving you will tools to overcome and come out of any challenge with the best results possible.  You will be motivated, you will be inspired, but most importantly you will be equipped with an offensive mindset as it relates to your life.  This mindset will be enhanced with accountability designed to make each day one you embrace with positive anticipation.

Resilience Training

Our Team Certifications

Resilience Training

Awards and Certificates

Emotional Quotient Indicator (EQ-i) 2.0 and EQ360 Certification
Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO-B) Certification
Center for Executive Coaching, Executive Coach Certification
Master Certified Coach Trainer (MCCT)
Center for Creative Leadership Senior Leadership Course
Gettysburg Leadership Senior Leadership Course
Enterprise Leadership Course University of North Carolina
Lean & Six Sigma Executive Courses

"Tomorrow Is Today, And I Won't Be Late"

Resilience Training Scenario On The Brink

“Most trainers teach you to prepare for the scheduled test. Imagine coming to class one day and being told there is a surprise quiz, if you are like me, you are not ready.

This applies to your life situation. So your phone rings and you get a call that stops you dead in your tracks – are you ready for it. Surprise you just got hit with life’s pop quiz”

“Brink’s Resilience Training prepares you for life’s pop quizzes”

What Our Clients Say…

“What an awesome job you did in serving as our training and coaching professional for the 2013 Solid Waste Annual Leadership Retreat. Your training techniques were uplifting, energizing and most definitely a refreshing change from the standard “off the shelf” programs…Simply an outstanding training experience!”
Tonja M. Brickhouse, Director Tampa Department of Solid Waste & Environmental Program Management

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