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Resilience Training | St Louis Missouri

While doing resilience training in St Louis Missouri in May 2019, we took the time to unpack look at how understanding and managing pain is an essential part of life.  Many people have been taught that pain is not a part of life, but that is not true.  Think about it, all of us were birthed in pain, yet within each of us are great things.

We explored the concept of how society teaches all of us to avoid pain, yet pain can be useful and instructive if just understood.  If a child burns their hand on a stove, the pain associated with that reminds them to not do it again.  So we must take the time to extract the lessons embedded in our painful situations

During our resilience training in St Louis many people gained a better understanding of the purpose of pain.  Several stated that they would fight the impulse of try to dull their pain and actually embrace the situation and unpack it and grow from it. St Louis is known as the gateway city and understanding pain is the gateway to a better quality of life.

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