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Resilience Training | University Of North Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas and working in Dallas for the University of North Texas made me think they may have been right.  This college has a rich history with noted graduates such as Dr. Phil, The Dr. Phil Show.  The resilience focus for the training we did was dealing with emerging challenges.

There is a nation program called TRIO, it is designed to help first generation college students.  Many of these students came from other countries, or underserved communities, ss well as people with disabilities.  The focus of TRIO was to help the first-generation students deal with challenges that no one in their families have ever experienced.

We taught on resolve, positive connections, and unity.  There was one man in the class that was 70 years old, he was from India, yet the first person in his family to go to college.  Helping these people understand that they are trailblazers for their families and many others.  These people are living examples that anything is possible, and we all have a richness that is inside of all of us and just needs to be unearthed.  A resilient mindset can change generations.

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