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Resilience Training | Montgomery Alabama

While in Montgomery Alabama in August 2019, the Understanding Triggers portion of our resilience training proved to be timely.  While discussing how things that happened in the past can affect how people respond to things in the future positively or negatively.  The soothing environment in Alabama lent itself to us being able to dig deep within the emotions of the participants in the room.

We discussed how a person’s orientation to the world can be formed based on what they were exposed to as a child; and if not properly examined the person can be left with a stain on their conscious.  As people began to reflect and speak on what they experienced earlier in life it got a bit emotional for a few people.  Yet they all knew that they were in a safe and welcoming environment.

As we took the time to demonstrate techniques to maintain peace when triggering events are introduced, the group of military members began to become aware that they don’t have to be bound to events that took place many years ago.  One person who was dealing with unresolved anger issues had actually departed to drive home after the training and felt compelled to come back and state that she received the answer to an issue she was dealing with for 42 years.  She felt liberated and better equipped to address these triggers if they ever came up again, it is a great thing to help others along their path.

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