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Resilience Training Miami, FL

Conducting Resilience Training in Miami Florida was an eye-opening experience.  One of the elements that we teach in our course is “How to Overcome the Pop Quizzes of Life”.  This block of our curriculum was put to the test during this training.  It’s amazing that even in a place that has so much beauty and vibrancy that people can be in the midst of troubling times.

I encountered an individual what was riding high in life and then a medical situation took him and his family from prosperity and hope to lack and despair.  We took the time to allow this man to unpack and take a true assessment of how he felt.  The realization of what was lost was tough to swallow, yet I helped remind him that failure is a temporary thing if you decide to keep fighting.  Failure only turns into defeat when you think the game is over.  Even in football, there are numerous games in a season, so a loss is just a singular thing to learn from, and then you go back to practice honing your skills for the next game.

You see pop quizzes are unexpected, and they often happen in life.  Yet you still have a choice in how you decide to proceed when you are hit with this unplanned exam.  This man decided that he is fully equipped to learn, grow, and use the talents and resources he still has.  This attitude and determination have led to his health condition getting better and actually obtaining the right employment that has stabilized his family situation.  Miami reminded me that with the right mindset, support, and commitment you can pass any pop quiz.

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