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Resilience Training | University Of South Florida

One of the great institutions in Tampa Florida is the University of South Florida.  Conduction resilience training for their athletic department provided a unique perspective.  Transitioning to college can be a very traumatic time.  Leaving home for the first time, cultivating new relationships, learning many new things, and other considerations can be troubling if not handled appropriately.

We were able to speak about the elements associated with how to manage a crisis.  A crisis is simply a bunch of information coming to you at one time.  It can be good things such as:  getting promoted, getting married, moving to a new home, and a vast array of things.  Yet when they all converge at once it can be overwhelming.

We taught them the first thing in crisis management is to identify that you are in a crisis.  You then allow yourself to feel whatever you need to feel.  Once you have done that, now it’s time to develop an action plan.  The students started to understand that change can be unsettling, but it is a normal part of life.  Taking time to process what is going on around you and connecting with the right people and resources can help you get out of a crisis faster.  We reminded these people to stay in the fight and become their own crisis manager.

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