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Resilience Training | Phoenix Arizona

While doing resilience work in Phoenix Arizona in 2016 the concept of our training that covers Cultivating an Affirmative Mindset was emphasized.  There were a few people in the room that were suffering from different forms of depression.  It became evident quickly that we had to adjust our resilience presentation that day to help people refocus and reset their mindsets.

Our discussion began to focus on how easy it is to get into a somber mood and lose the desire to connect with others.  Often sadness and depression can happen when our minds become locked in on nonproductive concepts.  Its like when you are watching a video on your computer, and the computer screen keeps buffering.  It is almost stuck in time and cannot get the connection, so the video on the computer is locked in place.  Our minds can be the same way when we continue to reflect on things that have happened in the past, which cannot be changed, or things that may happen in the future that can cause anxiety.  Our focus during this training was to teach the folks to be present in their own lives.

Using your natural senses to embrace being present is a start, then we gave exercises on how to leave the past in the past.  Reminding the participants to not let the past define them, but to let it develop them.  Another element that proved effective was to remind the people that when dwelling on things that are not positive, you must find something that is true and positive in your life and audibly state things that are going well.  There is a power in speaking that supersedes thought.  We then finished up by listening to the song Happy by Pharrell.  It was an awesome experience.

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