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Resilience Training | Honolulu Hawaii

The land of paradise Honolulu Hawaii was a place where I witnessed first hand how a resilient focus can restore relationships.  After conducting a training session for the US Air Force, I was approached by a man who was visibly shaken.  He felt a connecting with me based on the presentation I presented.

We then sat down and he relayed how his family life was on life support.  I then spoke to him about showing a greater empathy, commitment, and patience as he has to work through some difficult circumstances.  My grandmother once said that “having a made up mind was better than any medicine you could receive.”  I shared this advice to this man and encouraged him to seek family services and purpose in his heart to stay the course.

Later on I heard back from him and he and his family were firmly on the path to healing.  We helped create restoration where there was potential amputation.  When things get challenging, it is important to steady yourself, make up your mind, and fight the good fight that is steeped in resilience to reclaim what is yours.  Family is our foundation.

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