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Resilience Training – Good Pain

We have touched on this subject before but I believe it should be considered again. Far too often we romanticize how dreams and aspirations are accomplished. People are given a concept that someone will show up and usher you into the domain of your deepest and cherished dreams in life.

I’m sure that this may have happened on occasion, but this is not typical way dreams are realized. Good Pain are those things that does not provide immediate pleasure of relief. By definition Good Pain has pain associated with it; maybe not physical pain but more a level of sacrifice needed to break through where others have faltered. I’ve said it before my Good Pain is running; I truly have not developed a love for running, but I appreciate the value that being in shape has for other areas of my life.

It is my belief that the returns you will receive from the Good Pain you invest in, because it is an investment, will yield a tremendous boost to your progress down the path to your destiny. Good Pain will appear to be an inconvenience at the time and will come in different forms to different people. Some may need to read more, pray more, eat less, exercise more, go back to school, you get the idea.

The bottom line is incorporate Good Pain into your life and eventually the thing that once was painful will become the thing you master, so push away from the table and get out of your comfortable chair and make today one where Good Pain is on the daily prescription for your life!

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