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Anthony Brinkley Executive Coaching Services

On the Brink’s Executive Coaching Services engages with people in customized ways that acknowledge and honor their individuality. It helps people know themselves better, live more consciously, and contribute more richly. We provide tailored programs designed to define, reach, and positively exploit established goals by maximizing talents and overcoming challenges along the way.

It’s time to chart a new course….
Each client we work with receives customized training and executive coaching. After a thorough series of diagnostic conversations, your coach will help you in key areas, such as:

  • Time Management
  • Organizational Structure
  • Hiring team members or outsourcing
  • Marketing strategies and plans
  • Organization
  • Analyzing and breaking through Internal
  • Developing Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Selling Skills

(Includes: Prospecting, closing, overcoming objections, generating referrals, presentation skills, questioning techniques, and more.)

Anthony Brinkley Consulting Services

Anthony Brinkley specializes in galvanizing individual and team mindsets through interactive and engaging Leadership Forums, to include:

TEAM BUILDING: Dynamic sessions that highlight and leverage unique aspects of each participant to support and move forward established organizational goals.

RESILIENCY TRAINING: This cutting edge training identifies predictable issues that people and teams face. This forum equips each member with tangible options to better navigate obstacles presented in various areas of their life.

STRATEGIC PLANNING: This aspect creates a framework for organizational accountability, individual focus, and team synergy through guided conversation and practical goal setting that moves the organization forward.

Why Choose Anthony Brinkley and his team for
Your Coaching & Consulting Needs?

Anthony Brinkley and his team at On the Brink Consulting are unique for several reasons:

1: We actually are catalysts to help produce life-changing results for our clients.

2: We can relate to a diverse audience such as DoD (Department of Defense), professional athletes, educational institutions, private entities, incarcerated people, as well as religious organizations.

3: Our resiliency program is a cutting edge presentation that has better equipped individuals and organizations to move forward while overcoming challenges, crisis and unexpected difficulties in their lives and the workforce.

4: Our background in the military as well as working with professional athletes has led to dynamic and interactive coaching techniques that are highly sought after by organizations throughout the country.

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